Vision and Values

What We Stand For:  Queen On The Scene proudly gives a f*ck about our LGBT community past pride month. We're proudly by LGBT for LGBT and honored to provide our beloved community with authentic items crafted with love and pride. 
Why We Do It:  We have an unwavering desire to help you show your pride to the world! We fiercely believe that the empowerment of our LGBT community is vital to a better world. And we want you to feel like the dope as mofo (and homo) that you are! We can't help but shout from the mountain top that we're proudly part of the LGBTQA+ community! 

Mission Statement:  Proudly support your passion and LGBT pride; be obsessed with your happiness as our customer and to compulsively give back to local, LGBT non-profit organizations.   

Where You'll See Us:  We are obsessed with giving back to our local, non-profit LGBTQA+ organizations. You'll see us EVERYWHERE!!! From pride festivals, fundraisers to Lavender Magazine - we are so proud to give back!

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