Mustache enamel lapel pins designed with pink glitter and a fierce phrase.

Gender Fucker Pink Mustache Enamel Pin | Queen On The Scene

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Tell gender rolls to roll out when you rock the pink, gender f*cker lapel pin. Super cute mustache shape with hot pink glitter.  

One of a kind gender lapel pin that pairs a fierce message with an unlimited amount of good ole' dilly dilly swag. 

 The pin features glitter that stays put and two securing points. That way you can rock out knowing your pride pin stays in place on your backpack, hat, denim jacket or wherever else you feel the need to rock your snark.  

  • Nickel backing (black)
  • Stay put glitter
  • Opposite end securing points
  • Black, rubber backings

What the Gender Lapel Pins Go With

This snarky enamel pin looks amazing on denim jackets, backpacks and hats. This year-round middle finger to gender rolls can be worn anywhere to you want to show your fierceness.