Take It Up With My Middle Finger

Take It Up With My Middle Finger

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Made for those who give zero with a sense of humor. This enamel pin blends a sleek, round silver design with the most polite way to say eff off. Durable zinc backing (silver) and secure fastening made to withstand drops, dings and dents. Confidently place this kickass, funny pin on your denim jacket, backpack or anywhere else. 

  • Zinc backing (silver)
  • Hard enamel
  • Black, rubber fastener 
  • Measures ~1.33" round


More like who wouldn't rock this awesomely inappropriate funny pin. Safe for work and ready to twerk. Especially perfect to wear around dumb co-workers, relatives with no sense of humor, during Zoom calls and anywhere else you have to endure stupidity. 


This pin was the first ever pin created from Queen On The Scene and is easily in our top 3 pins. 

While at work, Quinn fired off an email at a co-worker saying to take it up with her middle finger. The rest is history and she turned it into a fierce, funny pin. 


First pin for Queen On The Scene and the most loved by all those who enjoy snark, funny pin that gives zero fucks on the daily. Sleek and pops against any fabric colors, this small pin packs a might big punch.